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MULTI-PURPOSE SANITISING CLEANER AREA OF APPLICATIONASTON DB5 is ideal for eliminating all organic residue which cause miasma and foul odours when they decompose. ADVANTAGES It can therefore be used to clean up children’s and animal vomit, faeces, organic substances such as wine, egg, sauce, soft drinks from car interiors. Ideal also to keep car interiors perfectly hygienic. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE For plastic laminate and seats in imitation leather, use a solution of 5% ASTON DB5 in water; leave for a few minutes, remove the dirt with a damp sponge and taking care to rinse it frequently with clean water. In the case of toilets and kitchens, spray on a solution of between 5 and 10%; leave for a few minutes and rinse with a jet of water. FORMATS AVAILABLE 6, 12, 25 and 60 Kg jerrycan

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